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The Shambling Reefs

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"Primordia never ceases to amaze. The sea life here seems to come in all shapes and sizes, even semi-familiar ones. For example, there are giant fish here that resemble the frogfish from Earth, except when I say giant, I mean this thing was the size of a small hill. It had a whole coral reef growing from its body, and its skin was hard as stone. I was half expecting it to be a fossil or a corpse based on the amount of biodiversity on its body, but to my shock, it's alive and well! It even started moving towards me, with its massive, gaping maw. It seems that this particular specimen had a family of worms living in its mouth that would tear apart food that got trapped inside. What fascinating creatures, truly..."
~ Excerpt from "A Book About Aliens and Cryptids of The Known Heavenly Bodies, Vol. 5" by L. I. Gandrian






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